client: Timberland and Zalando 
We each have our own way or working and functioning, let’s call that your nature, the question is, how would you describe your nature if it were yours to make? Is it a jungle, forrest, cityscape? How would you make your nature a sustainable one?
These are the questions that we would like to ask to the female authenticators from different walks of life, as we take each talent’s answer and bring them to life.
right image "I imagine the nature I would live in as a combination of jungle and park, surrounded by fruit and vegetable trees, medicinal plants and a lake in the middle."- Anuthida 
left image "The Nature I see myself in is a rich garden where fruits and vegetables are growing and where I can live off of what nature is providing. This way I can live my best life and my vegan lifestyle that I’m aiming for. I would like that magical place to be in a city tho, surrounded by Water, waterfalls and tropical heat." - Gifty 
right image " I see myself in a limitless natural landscape that frees the body from routine. Unlike today’s fast paced world where movement has become merely a transaction, in my fluid forest body movement is not taken for granted. Bodily motion as simple as commuting or walking on the streets are not a means to an end but become an end in itself. In My Nature people take their time and appreciate what they can do with their bodies."- Romy 
left image "My nature would be in a safari, with wild animals as lions, zebras, elephants and many more. It would be at sunset and we would be able to see some stars, full moon, and if possible, the solar system."- Ambre
GIFTY LARTEY ig @gifty_mik
ROMY MATAR ig @timiiie

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